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Frequently Asked Questions

Do paid online surveys really exist?

Yes! Free paid surveys do exist! A multitude of market research companies are on the web ready to pay you for your opinions. Some survey companies pay cash while others compensate with points, prizes, merchandise, sweepstakes entries, or any combination of these great rewards. You will never be asked to pay any money from the legitimate companies nor will they try to sell you anything.

How am I notified about a new online survey?

This varies by company. Most of the online survey companies will send a message to your registered email address when a survey is available that matches your profile. A few companies rarely send emails notifying you of surveys so you should be sure to visit the company webpage frequently to ensure you are taking all surveys available to you.

How do I get paid for taking an online survey?

If you participate in and fully complete an online survey, you will most likely be rewarded for your time. Some survey companies pay cash while others compensate with points, prizes, merchandise, sweepstakes entries, or any combination of these great rewards. Most of the time you are notified ahead of time what your reward will be for taking a specific online survey. Other times, especially in regard to product evaluations, you will not know the reward you will be receiving until near the end of the survey. With cash payments, most are sent to you via check or PayPal directly from the online survey company.

How much can I expect to earn taking online surveys?

The amount you will be paid varies from person to person. Your personal profile will determine the surveys you receive from the market research companies. Typically, the paying surveys will range anywhere from $1 to over $25 per survey. For the survey companies which offer points, a minimum payout of $10 usually exists although this does vary by company. If you are dedicated to taking every online survey available to you, it is certainly achievable to make over $100 per month!

What kind of reward can I receive for taking an online survey?

Some survey companies pay cash while others compensate with points, prizes, merchandise, sweepstakes entries, or any combination of these great rewards.

How can I optimize my online survey experience? Are there any tips or tricks to taking online surveys?

Most importantly, fill out all of the profile information. By doing this, you are ensuring that you are offered the maximum amount of surveys. You will become familiar with which companies send email notifications of surveys and which ones do not. Be sure to frequently visit the websites of those companies who do not send email notifications.

I am tired of filling out the same personal information. Does a program exist to auto-fill this data for me?

Yes! Download Roboform for FREE or purchase Roboform Pro for unlimited passcards, free updates, and toll-free technical support. Roboform is the top-rated Password Manager and Web Form Filler that completely automates password entering and form filling. Roboform was named PC Magazine Editor's Choice, and CNET Download.com's Software of the Year. Roboform memorizes your passwords and logs you in automatically, fills long registration and checkout forms with one click, encrypts your passwords to achieve complete security, generates random passwords that hackers cannot guess, fights phishing by filling passwords only on matching web sites, defeats keyloggers by not using keyboard to type passwords, backs up your passwords, and works with Internet Explorer, AOL/MSN, and FireFox.

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Will I be able to quit my job and only take online surveys?

The answer, unfortunately, is no. But you will be able to make a small amount of supplemental income, not to mention gift cards and other goodies, just by completing online surveys.

Do I have to pay anything to take an online survey?

Never! Taking online surveys is absolutely free and companies actually pay YOU to take surveys. Any research company or organization that requires payment from you to participate in a survey should be avoided.

What if I paid a company or website to take an online survey?

Market research companies are prohibited from charging people to participate in surveys. Some websites charge a membership fee which will allow you to gain access to their database of paid surveys. These websites should be avoided and you should ask for a refund immediately!

How many online surveys will I receive each month?

This varies greatly by company. Many online survey companies offer 3-5 surveys per month, some offer only 1-2 per month, while others may offer 5 per day! Once you become familiar with the different survey companies, you will discover the frequency of surveys from each company.

Do I have to take all the online surveys available to me?

Certainly not. However, some companies do send surveys to you depending upon how active you are with them. It is advisable to complete all of the surveys sent to you but it is not a requirement. If you skip a survey, you may be missing an opportunity for extra cash!

Why am I asked personal information about myself?

Market research companies use the information on the registration form(s) to assess demographic trends and invite you to surveys best matched to your interests and profile. Surveys are usually targeted to a specific group or demographic. By providing personal information, you are allowing the market research companies to direct appropriate surveys to you as well as allowing them the ability to discover different trends relating to products and services.

Is my information safe, private, and secure?

All legitimate survey companies limit the use of information for marketing research purposes only.

What is a market research company?

A market research company gathers, analyzes, and reports information that may be used to solve or provide knowledge on a specific marketing problem, service, or product.

Why was the FindASurvey.com website created?

We take online surveys, just like you! After sorting through the massive amounts of survey scams on the web, we decided to build a website dedicated to the legitimate survey companies. We completely support all of the companies featured on this website and participate in online surveys daily.